Sunday, October 31, 2010


Adoii..pening2..this Monday need to submit my group master plan n individual 80% done..d prob is...i haven't finished design yet!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...malasnye nk wat..dari satu line jdk byk line plak~ aiyoo

mcm fish site aku x design lg..haha

Thursday, October 28, 2010


tibe2 blog ni jdk bhsa Melayu..haha The title says BoredBoredBOARD!! Eh..haha that's will happened when u do too much on studio work (i study landscape archi in many works need 2 b presented on board~till u nvr realize u EAT board!! haha) Here our final stage..may we all pass this stage..Aminn.. =) i browse through my files, i found other posters i made.


 This one is poster for our dinner last sem..organizer need to b censored..=P

raya postcard..hehe sketchup maniac..sketch till u vomit!! haha

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't Shoot!!!!

Nah, it should be don't shout! coz i don't really like people shouting. They sounds like bzz BOOM!!! It's not really wat i wanna tell ya.. It's about d phenomena dis days..many people love to shoot..i mean photoshoot. Hell, i'm dragged into it! but quite interesting..haha here's some pics dat i captured. But it was edited, yup..its not dslr..but d quality i think..almost d same...techs people, techs..

My bassist when we went for jamm..thanks pal!

Open Sesame~~~

Hah..this is my first time blogging (pretty much influenced by my friend). Yet nothing much to be posted for the first time rite? Haha..thinking of having this blog as my place to share pictures that i’ve taken..n also some posters from my own design..hehe one of my favourite.

..Well, here it is..let’s start the first step =)