Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A letter from heart to Heaven~



We quarreled again..and your ego is so high and even unreachable by yourself. you 'taught' me to be the next YOU..but you never taught me to become ME. Do you ever realize that your DREAM comes true? Now, i already YOU..or i can say i am even MORE than you. It's not a little more..but it's more MORE..or MORE. I tried hardly to drag me out from your path. I'm not you..Did you ever think of what is your best thing done for the family? I don't blame you for your personality, but you drag me to this hell i am..very suffocating. You never support what we did..you always blame us with no reason..why is that? Please change for me. Please change for us..When will my "bottle' full with happiness and love? our age is getting older. Don't want to hear any regret made when its time for the last call. Life is so short. Why not we make it worth?

Mohd Anuar Ahmad